Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

It's been a slow month in terms of blogging but a fast and furious month in terms of life. So here's my skittles Easter mani. For some reason skittle manicures have just been popping out to me lately. It's like my new accent nail. Maybe it appeals to my, "I have so many ideas! Oh look! I have so many fingers!" mentality. That or I get distracted easily. Which could be the very case. Hey look glitter....anywho Happy Easter to everyone!
A spotted egg, an egg with stripes, a mottled egg, a fuzzy chick, and an egg with stenciling. I loved seeing all the natural eggs and the sophisticated eggs on Pinterest and in flipping back through my Martha Stewart magazine from last year.

I mean look at those! I love the idea of eggs - the new life, new hope, new beginnings. No matter what you believe or what your walk is that is something that just rings true. It's a beautiful message that I take to heart every year.

So be blessed today in your celebrations and in making lasting memories with your family. Happy Easter!

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