Saturday, April 6, 2013

April Glitter Guilty Subscription box REVIEW

*Please note that I bought this with my money and have no agreement with the company for a review. If you subscribe be a doll and use Candice Buchanan as your referral pretty please. Additionally this is both text and photo heavy. You have been warned.*

UPDATE: Glitter Guilty sent out this email out to all the current subscribers. It clarified things a bit:

Hi ladies! 
I first want to thank you so much for your support as I've launched my website and attempted to "grow", especially with the Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box subscription.  I LOVE getting surprises in the mail, and thought this would be such a fun idea!  If you signed up in March and already received your April box, I hope you've enjoyed it. 
Second, I need to apologize because I used some wording on the website that may have caused a little bit of confusion on the full size bottle. While the full size bottle of polish is customized and sent according to your personal preferences, there may be a few others with the same color preferences that will recieve the same polish, especially as subscription members continue to grow.  In addition, your polish may actually be added to my collection and sold on the website.  While I would LOVE to make individual polishes for each subscriber, (and continue this each month), it takes quite a bit of time to formulate each polish, and name each one.  I hope this is understandable.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! 
Also, May's box will be our last "chocolate" box, and starting in June, I'll have another fun (non-melting)  product included instead, (which I am EXTREMELY excited about)!  Thank you so much again for your support!
Can we say amazing communication to boot?? This is FAR more sustainable and I am so ready for next month's box already. Hurry up May!! 

So gals and guys there's a new subscription box on the market and it's an indie box. I nearly peed myself in excitement. The last time I got this excited over a new box was back when Julep first started. If you'd like to see the unboxing click here. Liesl from Liesl Loves Pretty Things joined me for it! Also my bestie over at Constantly Redone got this month's box too! So if you'd like to see another perspective be sure to head over there as I'm sure she'll have her review up soon!

The Nitty Gritty:
It's a monthly box that costs 15.99 which includes shipping for US. To Canada it's 15.99+6.00 and elsewhere it's 15.99+9.00. It includes a full sized custom based on your preferences (more on that in a moment), a monthly mini made just for that month, and an artisan chocolate in the cold months and some kind of goody for the warm months.

Sign up:
Super easy and quick! On their site there's a button labeled Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box and when you hover over it there's a SUBSCRIBE button. This could be a bit clearer, but it's not too difficult. When you click on it several options come up. I went for the month to month option and was taken to a Create Profile page. Here you fill out all the normal mumbo jumbo and then you get to two blank spaces. This is preferences. Fill it out to your heart's content! Here's what I put in my boxes:
  • Colors you love? Green, coral, blue, orange, BRIGHT
  • Colors you hate? Yellow
Then you check out using Paypal (I LOVE this - I can cancel anytime very easily without having to hope their site system is working) and wait for the first of the next month.

So you sign up by the 20th (from what I can tell) and shipping begins the 1st. I got my tracking number on the 3rd, and had my box yesterday (the 5th). DANG! So shipping is FAST!

The Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box:
I know, I know you want to actually know what's in the box already! I'm trying to be thorough since these are all the questions I normally have when signing up for something new. So without further ado my box:

If you'd like to see the box in tact watch the unboxing video. I got too excited and just ripped and nommed and then remembered I should take photos. *facepalm*.

 The polishes!!!

  1. Monthly mini in April Showers. A dove grey jelly type base with micro glitters in silver and holo, larger holo hex glitters, and pink flowers glitters. Some fishing required to get flowers and hexes. Applies like butter and dries quickly. Photo is three thin layers.
  2. Monthly custom in Radioactive. A neon orange with smaller, shiny cerulean blue glitters and larger, matte blue glitters. Application is super easy and gorgeous! Also like butter and dries quickly with a jelly-matte like finish. Photo is three layers but I could have easily stopped at two. I just LOVE the look of the glitters peeking through the layers underneath and wanted more of that look.
  3. Jers Square in Valencia Peanut Butter crisp. Super silky chocolate, nice, light crunch and the peanut butter was very smooth and silky as well. Flavors compliment each other very nicely and leaves me wondering if they have other flavors for me to explore! Which they do: Jers Squares.
  4. BONUS for this month's sign up only a mini of Seche Vite. Which, if you think about it, is genius. Indies tend to be top coat hungry, and Seche Vite is a nice, thick and quick-drying top coat. Great way to ensure nice pictures, and great results for customers. I do love a good marketing move.

My overall thoughts:
I love the concept of this box and I was a little wary about going into it since indies can be hit or miss on formula. These are HIT. I see myself sporting that neon like mad crazy this summer. The packaging is gorgeous, the treat is so perfect, and the skills speak for themselves.

My BIGGEST concern for them is growth like any other company. Luckily for an indie growth means buying more supplies which means better bulk prices. Overall better profit margin. The idea of a custom in each box doesn't seem sustainable long term BUT I could be very wrong here. If they keep up good communication I could see them having to move to a pool of polishes that you could get based on your preferences. Which, again, if clearly communicated, I can totally stay on board for.

For now stay tuned because I'm staying for another month and I can hardly wait!!! 

*Please note that I bought this with my money and have no agreement with the company for a review. If you subscribe be a doll and use Candice Buchanan as your referral pretty please*


  1. Oh wow, Radioactive looks AMAZING!! What a cool idea! I will definitely be looking into this :)

    1. It's so much fun! I actually changed my preferences for this next month so I can see how it changes my custom. Seriously such a fun concept.

  2. wow i love radioactive. I don't usually say that about oranges but just WOW!

    1. Right! It's like BAM but in such a great way. She has mentioned moving customs into her main collection so, hopefully, this pretty will be readily available soon.

  3. I agree, from a business stand point this doesn't seem very sustainable. We'll see!

    1. I have an update post that'll be going up soon to clarify on that point. :)

  4. I so want that neon orange! *drool*