Monday, April 8, 2013

Mommy Does her own rendition of a Rainbow Honey Robots Collection review

So Rainbow Honey Robot Collection popped up on, but I was all like, "Eh, I'll wait till it hits her site." Then was all like, "Guess what? Free shipping!" Hook, line, and sinker. The siren call of free shipping takes another frugal polish loving fiend down. At least it was for a great collection though!

There are reviews and swatches for this collection popping up left and right. BUT what I saw when I the promotional photos first slipped into my Facebook news feed was GRADIENT THOSE SUCKERS! Seriously though. What is it with me and gradients?! Lucky for you it looks AMAZING! Also what is it with me and caps?! Anywho prepare for the photo bombardment!!

Foils are a PAIN to clean up BUT these are all one gradient stamp of  the entire collection.

NOW for a walk through of the incredible package itself! I am HUGE on her gorgeous packaging and she didn't fail to wow yet again. The poster is going up in my stash cupboard. <3

These last three shots I wanted to show a few minor things. First off, above, two of the bottles have shorter caps. She didn't know that had happened and has promised new caps to those who got this mishaps. Then there's this too:

It's a small thing, but a bit of an oversight. No biggie in my book, but it was somewhat odd. Overall I love this collection. It's very fun and very nerdy! For the Rainbow Honey Robots collection go here.

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