Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The studded quilt

*Edit: The polishes used in this post are Layla Mermaid Spell and Zoya Snow White*

Hey lovely ladies. It's rainy days like this that makes me happy I took advantage of the twelve seconds of sunshine yesterday to score some quality time with a holo polish. In Oregon we have bipolar weather. Not as bipolar as some places, but pretty confused none-the-less. 

Onto the review! I got an email (I know many bloggers did) recently from a company called Kkcenterhk. I have no clue what that stands for, but the site is clean, decently organized, and has some fun items. Like these bright blue metal 2mm studs.

The bag comes with 50 pieces for 4.73. Shipping varies from country to country. I went through the bag and there was no miss shaped, dented, or dinged studs.

First off the studs lay so nicely on the nail despite having a a hollow interior. I glued them to my nail using nail glue carfully placed on the "quilt" with a small dotting tool. I'm still wearing all studs three days later.

The shipping was fairly quick and the bag it comes in is resealable which is key for studs. Lots of ways to rock studs! I need more colors - imagine a star spangled manicure featuring these tiny star studs.

I got a TON of compliments on this manicure. The quilted look is just set off by the studs so nicely. I'm definitely going to rock this again only with neon colors! 

I've got another product coming from this maker so stay tuned!


  1. LOVE the matching studs! :)
    Good luck on the bipolar weather - lately it seems everywhere's like that, including here, where we should have been having Summer weather for at least a month :/

    1. Thanks so much - yeah it seemed for a second we were going to have an early summer and then the skies just opened up...and haven't closed since. :(

  2. Oh wow, what a pretty mani! I love how you did your accent nail! :-)

    ~ Yun