Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oh for the love of coffee

*Edit: The polishes used in this post are Layla Coffee Addict and Megan Miller Latte*

Two posts in one day! Ok I admit it - I'm behind. I NEVER get to go on vacation and hubby and I got to have some time AND I have another one coming up in less then two weeks!

Onto the goods. Another fun nail item from KKcenterHk. When I was looking through their nail items I stumbled onto a section of nail art decorations. They.have.themes. Disney roundlets, Barbie, and many fun designs. So you KNOW when I saw this coffee design it was just the one for me:

Yes, yes all polishes and items in this manicure are coffee themed and named. I definitely have a problem. 

The size on the page says 6.4mm and these are made of acrylic, like the bows I had recently, and does not lay flat on the nail. It's not meant to. I see these more as statement pieces and I wore this manicure for a coffee date.

The package comes as a set of two for 4.00 and I applied them to my nails with nail glue and popped them back off that night to put away for another use. I'll probably file off the nail glue carefully rather then risk destroying the design with acetone.

The maker is Bluesea - be sure to check out the HUGE selection of bows, lips, kisses, themed roundlets, tear drops, and so much more! It's a super easy way to jazz up a manicure for an event or a special night out.


  1. What is the other polish? Or am I missing where you list it? This is so cute:)

    1. Both the polish in this and the last post are Layla holos (Layla Mermaid's Tail and Layla Coffee Addict). The accent is Megan Miller Latte. I'll definitely update the post to say that! I was so focused on the review I overlooked that detail - thanks doll! :)