Thursday, May 30, 2013

NCLA nail shields

I was super excited to get to asked to do a review for NCLA for Nail Polish Canada. I adore nail shields by NCLA. Despite my hang ups about using nail shields on my nails I gave them a go.

I was asked to select two designs so I went with Stephanie's Galaxy and Reflect Yourself.

First up Reflect Yourself:

For the thumb to fit I had to cut the curve a little flatter. Other then that check out how nicely they fit. Love it!

The next set is Stephanie's Galaxy. Now these don't claim to be or have instructions on how to fit as pedicure shields, but they work just as well on the toes.

First off aren't these just gorgeous shields?? As you can see the shields fit very nicely to the toenails. I had to cut the base flatter for my oddly shaped pinky toe, but other then that each fit just as they should. I did cut some of the shields in half and then applied them since the shields are so long and toe nails are so small. Works perfectly!

From the time I was told they were shipping to arrival was very quick AND the product ships free despite coming from Canada. How cool is that? Check this out to see all the shields they have available.

1 comment:

  1. I love the galaxy shields on your toes! Both are super fun and pretty but there's a special place in my heart for galaxy nails and they just look so cute on your tootsies. Saaaaad face about the video thing! Guess we'll have to come up with another excuse for a monthly get together-- that or just keep practicing :)