Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Guest Post: Hubby's Picks by Constantly Redone (HP31)

*I'm on vacation!!! So my sweet friend and the instigator of my addiction over at Constantly Redone has graciously agreed to guest post. THEN she goes, "Could I do Hubby's Picks?" I was soooo overjoyed!!! Loving words and amazing posts. You are all in for a treat!*

Hubby's picks...guest edition!
Hey polish fiends, it's Frankie from Constantly Redone filling in for Candice today!  When she asked me to guest post, I naturally jumped on the opportunity.  Besides being one of my best friends, Candice is an inspiration and endless source of support.  Not to mention, we've just got tons in common - coffee, polish, mugs, hubbies and boatloads of children.  We've spent many a weekday bonding over caffeine and sharing sacred items from our polish collections.  We even got started on the same Zoya promo. 
I thought it would be a lot of fun to do a guest "Hubby's Picks" much as we have in common, our husbands are pretty different.  Mine wouldn't let me paint his nails if it would keep them from falling off...and hers likes to swatch her collection and dream up customs of his own.  They're both great men, who've saved our respective lives and whatever is left of our sanity.  My man's man, soldier, and organization loving hero picked out the following lovely polishes for this week's challenge. 

Fingerpaints Black Expressionism, Zoya Tao, Zoya Shawn, Zoya Purity
He spent an impressive amount of time considering my polishes as he picked them out, and told me with a devious tone in his voice "I think I've got a challenge here for you!".  I'm not the least bit surprised that they were mostly the same brand, nor that they were practically military themed!   Army green, black, white, and a touch of "metallic silver"...hmm.   What do you think...might I be up to the challenge? 


  1. *highly intrigued* A HP guest post, now why didn't I think of that? I can't wait to see what materializes....

  2. What a cool guest post! Can't wait to see what you create with his picks :)