Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June Julep Box: IT Girl

So guess who forgot to skip this month? I'm glad I spaced on a month where I LOVE the colors, but I'm super sad since I would have loved to use my Jules. Oh well.

This month was a nautical theme and I have to say I feel it was done BEAUTIFULLY.

At first the colors didn't look overly different to me, but when I picked up that "red" one I was amazed!

NOMS! These salt water taffys were soooo silky smooth and delicious. Pure heaven!

The colors are DELIGHTFUL! The theme was nautical and I'm so glad I had this box come (IT Girl) as I heard extremely mixed reviews on the DD creme that went out. The colors from top to bottom are Char (a royal blue crelly), Nan (a burnt salmon or pink toned brick creme), and Bess (also a crelly but the only thing that keeps popping in my head is cotton candy blue). The last two are my favorites of the three!

The gold is Julep Oscar and nautical made me think gold so I couldn't help but bring it in.

One thing I have noticed about these newer formula Juleps is the peculiar smell to them. Am I imagining it?

At any rate I loved the box! It was fun, colorful, and two of the three feel unique to me. Love, love, love.


  1. Replies
    1. It's such a neat one, and July is just as amazing (though I can't order it sadly). Thanks!

  2. I skipped this month, but Nan's really grown on me. Beautiful, beautiful way to highlight these colors.

    1. Thanks so much - I was super happy for a more rustic spin on nautical. In the preview it looked like any other red. I already have three other reds from Julep. Whew!