Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Incoco Pedicure Nail Strips Review

Here's another of the products that Incoco sent me: pedicure strips! I'm so used to cutting my nail shields down to fit that this was a very pleasant surprise.

This kit is different from the French Manicure kit I posted about. It was an entire pedicure in a package. It contained two sets of strips, a package of nail polish remover pads, a file which doubled as a buffer, and a cuticle pusher. Impressive!

As you can see no bubbles, tears, or rips. This the day before my trip. I was gone for a week.

After. No visible wear and the only proof it's a week later is the growth gap. These strips were awesome! No top coat or base coat REALLY made me nervous especially since I knew I was going to be in sandals the entire time. But They work great!

The strips are super easy to apply. Like I said in my other review the key is to select a size you might think will be a little large and use the enclosed cuticle stick to tuck the edges down to the sides for a really nice fit. If it's a little too large guess what? It's REAL nail polish and you can clean up just like you would with a polish job. I didn't have to though.

Onto the giveaway. Incoco also sent me a set of purple nail strips. One of you get to try them out!

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