Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pretty and Polished review part II

See the roman numeral there? That means it's official. You know me. I'm all about official.

Anyhow onto the second portion of the package I received from Pretty & Polished: the skin care products. I received a sugar scrub in the scent of coffee junkies (WOO HOO!!! I love sugar scrubs and I love coffee) so we'll start with this one:

(Photo credit: Pretty & Polished)

Opening up the container I am met with a warm, slightly sweet and very creamy coffee scent. Imagine the tendrils of mocha steam wrapping themselves around you with comfort. I just wanted to lick it out of the jar. Lick coffee....hrmmm. Yes I am that coffee junkie. Moving on:

I had Hubby and my sweet little girl give it a try with me. They both loved it. Hubby agreed that it left his hands nice and soft and was surprised by the light, coffee scent that was left behind. (Only picture him saying that in a manly way of course). The scrub is an incredibly pleasant experience. 

Next up is the wino grapefruit? body balm. This stuff is THICK and greasy. My first reaction was that it wasn't for me. As a mom having greasy hands is a hard thing to work around so I nearly kicked this one out before it had a chance.

But then I realized I had been looking for a good moisturizing lotion for overnight slathering. Before bed that night I slathered up my hands and feet then drifted off to dreamland. The next morning it had all soaked into my skin leaving soft, smooth, happy hands and feet. Season changes are murder to my cuticles and my heels, but this has kept my flip-flop addicted feet from cracking, and my hands from chaffing. For six bucks this is now my go to for the moisture I need. Over a week later I'm still slathering it on (isn't slather an awesome word??).

Now the scent. I was expecting a heavy citrus scent. But the title is clear: wino grapefruit. It has a very sweet smell that lightly hints at grapefruit. So if you are into sweeter scents like vanillas and cupcakes and candies then this is for you! 

I loved both of these and look forward to ordering more body products from her store. I feel that skin care is extremely important especially since I use things like acetone on my nails on a near daily basis. Moisture is essential to keeping youthful and beautiful skin and both of these products deliver.

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  1. Great review! It looks like a nice product :)