Sunday, July 28, 2013

In the trenches of summertime

Hi everyone....
Yeah. I've been gone. It's summertime. I have no a/c. I have a daycare kiddo. Plus my four kiddos. After feeling a little guilty for a second about not having posted or, actually, keeping up on most anything nail polish related I needed to reflect for a second.

Honestly I feel a little bit scattered. I haven't done any design in a month or really pursued any of my passions. Mainly it's a little like being on a herd of bucking broncos and hanging on for dear life.

Another thing I noticed. My love of neons seems to have been misplaced. Also my extreme love of bright colors seems misplaced. While we're at it so has my passion for nail art. SAY WHAT?! They are probably with all the sock mates hiding on some tropical beach being personally waited on by a GQ model. Some things get all the luck.

So here in no a/c land, in the trenches, the battle of summer time is being waged one trip to the library, pool, fun event, or fair at a time. With crispy lobster mommy who is so concerned about making sure the troops are drowned in sunblock that she forgets to spritz herself down. What better color to commemorate my desire to end summer and escape blinding brights then Zoya Yara? Below is direct sunlight.

Since I'm a little tired of nail art but love combinations I pulled out my bottle of Brash Copper Crunch (it's a glitter topper packed with copper flakes, and both copper and gold hexes). Below is indirect sunlight.

I also notice I cleaned a little too rigorously on the pinky nail. Ah well - capturing the glitter in Yara with the half gradient of Copper Crunch requires certain angles.

See how pretty? I now feel like I can make it! Till the next sunburn anyhow *cringes*. Please get here start of school!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much - it sparkles soooo nicely.

  2. Gorgeous. This makes me soooooo ready for fall!

    1. Right! Break out the sweater, apple cider, and books. Cozy time of year <3

  3. I think your love will come back. Summer time is just so gorgeous that it's hard to concentrate on something as small as nail polish. I feel a little that way too, so I've cut back a bit on blogging as well. I can always return full force once fall hits and I don't want to be outside anymore. :)

    ~ Yun

    1. Aw Yun thanks so much for the encouragement. It's so hard to feel this worn out in the lovely, warm weather. I think the worst part is working on nail and the heat causing polish coats to bubble. It's sad. :( Maybe this should be declared the swatch time of year.