Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Julep Char vs Revlon Royal

Hey everyone - I'm back for a quick comparison post. Remember how I got last month's Julep box because I spaced on skipping? One of the polishes was Julep Char and when I pulled it out I immediately wondered if it was close to Revlon Royal at all. So I did a comparison (no top coat in any of the images):

So Julep Char is more of a crelly and a deeper, more royal blue. Revlon Royal is a jelly (though a runny one). I definitely like the formula better on the Julep, but their new formula is kind of strange smelling. Both are pretty colors and definitely unique. Neither formula is amazing, but both are worth the work.

To make them stand out I pulled out Girly Bits Shift Happens and Essie Shine of the Times. WOWZERS!

Both are fantastic for layering, but I think Revlon Royal takes the cake in vibrancy and showing off the unique properties in each of these polish toppers.

When it comes down to it I think they are cousins. Revlon Royal is the summer version and Julep Char is the winter version. Both are definitely worth owning!


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    1. Thanks so much - I am definitely glad to have both in my nail polish collection. :)