Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box September Edition

*Please note that I bought this with my money and have no agreement with the company for a review. If you subscribe be a doll and use Candice Buchanan as your referral pretty please. Additionally this is both text and photo heavy. You have been warned.*

The heat!! I thought when I posted my end of summer post that that might cue the summer to, you know, get out. Apparently it did not and I am melting.

I digress. Nails! So I've just gotten back from California (so I really shouldn't be complaining), but the day I headed down my box arrived! I only had time to rip it open and jump with glee at the contents before hitting the road.

For a breakdown on how this service works read this post.

Onto the goods! The box itself:

She switched a bit back to these uber cute little sacks for putting the monthly me (the bigger bottle) and I'm saving them up to use at the holidays! The little one is called the monthly mini and everyone gets that one.

This is Tight End (she had a little football season announcement in her box - so appropriate!). This is a jelly blue base packed with multiple shades and sizes of blue glitters and smattered with matte white glitters. So fun! Below is two coats alone and one coat over Sally Hansen Brisk Blue. I didn't notice the micro shimmer until I painted it out. Super pretty!

Next is my monthly me - my preferences were reds, oranges, golds, coppers, THINK FALL! So I got Autumn Acres. ZOMG!!

Not photoshopped - the camera, the light, and the stars aligned to make this uber gorgeous bottle shot possible. Flat and holo red medium hexes float in a clear base packed with brown and copper micro glitters and all dance around a mix of copper bar glitters and larger gold hex glitters. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY FALL!! Below is one coat of Zoya Channing (seemed fitting) and two coats alone.

The extra was super cute too!! Not edible but I so don't care - I love it so much!

Finally my whole manicure (I went ahead and put Autumn Acres over Revlon Royal to finish it off).

If you get Glitter Guilty leave me a comment telling me what you thought about this month's box. Are you on for another month of indie fun? I so am!


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    1. Thanks so much - I actually change my preferences every month and she keeps matching me up with amazing pretties.