Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hubby's Picks (HP35) Skittlette anyone?

I thought I'd do a pretty skittlette mani a la i Heart Pretty Polish (who is no longer blogging for the moment which is a sad, sad thing, but I understand). Check out her past posts for pretty skittle manicures that became a signature for her along with her sweater shots.

At any rate I really admire her so that makes this acceptable to do on Hubby's Picks to honor her. I added my own flair, but here you go:

The line up this week is: Fingerpaints Plum Startled, Sinful Colors Nail Art in green (a striper), HITS Air Glow, and Picture Polish Warning. I know I have a ragged cuticle in there. I'm a mommy. This happens.

This is actually a super easy week to see how to do so I'm just going to focus on some striper tips. These are a really useful nail art tool that people sometimes struggle to utilitze.
  • When getting a striper pull the brush out and look at it. If there are hairs sticking out just clip them off with scissors. This will help you get a nice line. Don't be afraid to snip the tip if some hairs are longer then brush itself.
  • When doing tips place the brush on the tip of the nail and rotate the nail NOT the brush. This helps get a straight line across the nail. Flip the brush and do the same from the opposite side.
  • Every couple strokes put the brush back in the bottle, close it up, and gently shake it. The polish at the top tends to start to dry out and this will help get nice lines that don't smear or clump.

Did you like this week's Hubby's Picks? Did you do one? Email it to me at mommydoes @ and I'll feature it on the following week's Hubby's Picks along with a link to you if you'd like! Or put it up on my Facebook page and I'll share with a link back to you. Hope you have a great week. <3


  1. SO CUTE! look like some sort of fruits (: haha

    1. Thanks! I TOTALLY see the fruit - I was thinking it was a great start to a pumpkin on the glittery nails. I may have to build off this idea...

  2. That's really sweet of you, and your mani is a great tribute to Essie! :D I love how you added green tips to each nail to pull it all together. :)

    ~ Yun

    1. Thanks so much Yun - it was such a fun manicure to rock. I haven't done tips in awhile - I find them refreshing actually.