Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hubby's Picks (HP36) Darkly bubbling

Hey everyone! So Hubby picked quite the set of polishes this week. I've noticed quite a few waterfall manicures popping up in my feed so that technique has really been on my mind. But what to do with that spotted?

This is a dark and more abstract manicure. I loved the idea of waterfalls and darkly bubbling froth. I wish he had given me China Glaze Fairy Dust but I digress...

I give you my highly abstract manicure!

This week's line up is Lime Crime Pastelchio, I Love Nail Polish Cygnus Loop, OPI Black Spotted, and Confetti Party Palace Blue.

Get the look (or parts of it):
  • First I took my solid creme, in this case Lime Crime Pastelchio, and did two coats on each nail. 
  • Next I topped off with my sheerer polish. When layering with a tinted sheer it's good to think about how the two colors will interact. In this case more of a seafoam emerged.
For the final part I did each nail a little different to capture the "waterfall" and "bubbling" effects. 
  • For a waterfall I wasn't sure how people go about this and I think it comes down to personal preference. I took the brush of I Love Nail Polish Cyngus Loop and dabbed a blob at the base of my nail bed. Then I took a fine nail art bush (size 00 but you could easily pull lines down with a toothpick) and pulled the polish down in streaks. I added to this till it suited me. 
  • For "bubbling" I just use OPI Black Spotted BUT if you don't have a bubble or spot effect polish water colors work just as well and, sometimes, better! Plus you can have any color you want.

This feels like a witch's cauldron kind of manicure so it could easily be adapted into a Halloween manicure. Hope you enjoyed and that you try some abstract art on your nails. The nice thing about this route is that you really can't mess it up. If you do a manicure based on this (or any Hubby's Picks) OR do a Hubby's Picks (or anyone picks for that matter) shoot me an email at mommydoes @ or post to my Facebook and I'll share your look and information (if you'd like). Have a great day!


  1. This is so cool! It's appropriate for Halloween and definitely makes me think of a witch's brew bubbling over. :) Love it! :D

    ~ Yun

  2. Methinks the guy's a little enamored with the ILNPs! I really like this. I'm not sure if it's the dark and the light, or the black in general, or the Hslloweenish feel to it but I'm really digging it!