Monday, October 7, 2013

A mixed skittle manicure

Hey everyone, how's it going? We have been doing sickies over here (as in taking turns). It's been great fun! <-- THAT is sarcasm.

So this one is from the vault. I always see bloggers say that and, for me, it means from a time past my current nail size/shape. BUT I loved this one, took pictures of it, but never got it posted. Which, as you will see, is a crying shame.

I just realized the cuticles were slightly ragged in this. Eh. Real life happens to cuticles in this mommy's life.

I love the look of metal against bright colors. So harmonious!

Have a happy fall day!


  1. I love the gradient here- beautiful colour combinations

  2. Yikes, hope you and the family feel better soon! <3
    This is really gorgeous. You always have the prettiest color combinations in your manis. :)

    ~ Yun

  3. Aw, so sorry you've all been sick. :( Hopefully you're on the mend, sweets. This is so pretty, you really pull stuff like this together like no one else ♥