Sunday, October 20, 2013

October box review - ACCESSORIES!!

 *Product sent for my honest review*

I was over the top THRILLED when asked me to review a box for them. I have hundreds of nail polishes but am so lacking in the accessory department. It's seriously shamefully sad.

What I love about this box is the idea of getting fresh accessories each month that are in season and will freshen up that month's wardrobe. For 36.00/shipped (or 40.00 if you just want one box) you get three accessories (yeah that's 12.00 per accessory - CHEAP).

I was STUNNED at how detailed the style quiz was. From ring size to earring length to accessories loved, liked, or disliked this is completely tailored to your tastes. Right down to if you want to see religious (and what type) themed items.

When I opened mine I outright loved two of the three items. The third item was a stretch for me, but I'm not used to statement pieces and I did say in my style quiz I wanted to try them. I ended up so glad I did though!

First off was this scarf called Suzanna. Blue and green on black. PERFECTION! I turned in into an infinity style and I have worn it several times and get complimented every time.

I know I look pretty tired - I was still getting over being sick in these. The point is the scarf. It's an Accessory Street and retails for 32.00. I looked up the brand and this line is sold at Nordstroms. Most are over 40. The box price is right there around my neck. SCORE!

The next was this very modern, clasp style (you get to put your clasp style preferences in too!) triangle bracelet called Janessa. The invoice retails it at 24.00 and gives a style tip saying it looks flawless with red nails. Well I was rocking blue and green nails and I think it looked solid with that color combo too.

Here's the look together:

My gosh I didn't realize how sick I looked in these. Also this has made me aware that me and the treadmill have a date...but I digress.

The third piece was where I got nervous. BUT I have worn it several times and it is amazing too. I love it. The color combination is warm and the style is totally glam. It's a dress up your plain outfit piece which is exactly what I needed. It's called Matilda and it retails for 34.00:

In for a close up:

In the end I have both loved and thoroughly enjoyed my box. I've used all the pieces repeatedly and the quality speaks for itself. I did stick that last necklace in my purse at one point and a part of it came apart but it went right back together with no further issues. I know better too.

The shipping was super fast too!!! It's a total win of a monthly subscription box even if it is a little more the average beauty box. Happy Fall to everyone!!


  1. All three are super fun but I have to say, I seriously love the necklace on you. Necklaces have always been tricky for me but this one's so fab, I want to try one in my next box. And you're so brave, having these shots taken right off of being sick... You still look beautiful <3

    1. Oh Liesl you are so sweet - you should totally go for a necklace!! I'd love to see what you'd get. This one just turned out to be so epic.

  2. Fun! I am still deciding if I should try this. This post is making me lean that way :)

    1. You totally should! I mean compare my post and Liesl's and you see it is totally tailored for personal taste. It's way amazing - worth at least trying one box out for sure.

  3. I love that necklace! I have loads of necklaces that make a uh...statement...or maybe they just scream "HEY, I'M A BIG NECKLACE!" Either way, once you get used to them, you'll love them. <3

    1. I totally laughed when I read your "HEY" statement - it's very true! BUT that does seem to be the charm. I now find myself looking more at the larger, screaming necklaces. I want more in my collection now...oh addictive personality how you get me every time! ;)

  4. I like that necklace! I just tried Wantable too :)