Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Glitter Guilty October 2013 REVIEW

Glitter Guilty October box had AMAZING presentation. Trust me. It did. But, in a rather spectacular lack of forward thinking I deleted every image on my card BEFORE saving my preview images out. I did this while eating the nom in the box. Can I get a facepalm please!

So we'll have to jump right in to the polishes since the chocolate coated graham cracker and oreo with fall sprinkles in the shape of leaves by DCS Chocolates are long since misplaced. In my mouth. And they were delicious and I have no regrets.

Next month (order by the 31st to get in on November and use Candice Buchanan as your referral) promises an extra goodie. So if you've been hemming and hawing NOW is the time to get in! Each month features a monthly mini (Wicked this month) and a monthly me, picked from a selection of polishes she makes each month, based off of YOUR preferences for 15.99 shipped.  Plus an extra.

My monthly me is Avant Garde which simply means innovative or experimental. I am a font fanatic so it instantly brings to mind the font itself. For many it's the musical talent. For some it's an art style. This polish, I feel, is fitting of all of those!

It's a squishy black base that builds up in two coats and is swimming with muted gold glitters in various sizes and micro holographic glitters. Just looking at it is making me want to wear it again. On the accent nail there is two coats of Wicked. Murky purple base with microshimmer, circle and hex green glitters and a smattering of purple glitters.

I went ahead and layered Wicked over China Glaze Grape Pop to make the color stronger.

That concludes the October 2013 edition of Glitter Guilty. November's box should be here in a few short days *YES!* I just love my box of goodies each month. <3

Happy fall AND Happy Halloween SOON!!!

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