Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lunch with Liesl and abstract dots

I just adore this gal <3 So I painted my base color as red for her. Zoya Blaze is one of the most incredible polishes EVER. A deep and rich red with this insanely gorgeous silvery flecks that shine holographic when the light hits them. It's the kind of polish that dries with a high shine that's almost like glass.

One more slight tangent here. I love dots. But they are a technique I feel at odds with. I feel like I can't place them on my nails in a comfortable design. I'm not sure how else to describe it. So, in order to overcome my love/hate relationship, I did dots. But I went abstract and it worked!! You know that joyful feeling when you finally figure out stamping or water marbling? Oh yeah. That was this.

The first and larges layer of dots is Zoya Goldie. The second layer is Zoya Jancyn, and the last and smallest is Zoya Channing. This is a pure Zoya love manicure. Hello Fall. Hello I dotted the wrong way on the thumb on accident but it totally worked.

I had a fantastic time with my girl Liesl. She was rocking LVX (apparently pronounced "Lux") in Viridis which you can check out on her Facebook page. If you think it's pretty in the pictures I can tell you it's just stunning in person. She's such a blast to hang out with and I totally look forward to our next get together...and showing the goodies she brought for me!!! <3


  1. This looks great! I broke down and bought a dotting tool, but I'm terrified to use it. Nail art is a very touchy thing with me, LOL. I'm glad you girls had a fun day! <3

  2. I never would have guessed you ever had an inkling of trouble with dots because this turned out so perfect. Your color combination is spot on beautiful, too! I'm dtoked you did a post on this mani. I had a blast, too, I only wish I could've hung out longer and I can't wait to see your new shoesies <3