Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy last part of my twenties birthday to me!

Well this is it. Only 365 days stand between me and the big three oh. Here's my secret: it actually doesn't bug me a bit. I've never been big on the number for the birthday. I just love an excuse to go out to eat good noms! ...and maybe get a new nail polish or two. You know. Posterity's sake and all that. These polishes will be vintage someday *nods convincingly*. I believe in sound investment in the future.

My birthday manicure is unconventional and non-traditional. I tried to convince myself to do cupcakes, candles, cakes, and so on. But it didn't happen. I've had those pretty waterfall manicures in mind a LOT lately and I just had to try it.

I LOVE the color shift in Dollish Polish Masterchief (which does not appear to be available on her site anymore). It's a paler army green that shifts to a golden orange with a scattered holo effect that makes this one GLOW. Hubby says he doesn't feel it's a good representation of Masterchief (coming from a man whose gamer tag is fulmetalspartan you have to put some stock in it). I, however, adore the effect and feel it does represent. He and I shall have to agree to disagree.

This is three thin coats with nothing underneath. THESE ARE NOT WATER SHOTS. It's probably one of the most stunning polishes in my collection and I am so sad I can't get a back up bottle. There's six colors in the stripes in three layers, but it actually didn't take long to do surprisingly enough. The trick is to NOT try to be too neat.

There you have it! I'm off to get ready for my day out with Hubby while my mom watches the kiddos. We're headed out to look around, do dinner, then go see Ender's Game (OMG I AM SO EXCITED I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I've read and reread the book so the nerdiest side of me is screaming it's brains out in excitement. You probably didn't get that in all that though. Later peeps!


  1. Happy Birthday! and beautiful mani. I hope enders game is awesome! I can't wait to see it, too!

  2. Your nails look fab as always! A trick of not trying to be neat, eh? I may try this (and I actually mean it this time, lol). Ender's Game! If you breathe a word about it on fb I'll have to dutifully ignore. We almost saw it on opening day but decided we'd rather be on the love seat in our pjs for our Saturday night. I love being in my thirties, I'm pretty squarely ensconced in them at the moment and they're truly the best years so far. You've got a great way of approaching them. Happy Birthday to you, friend :)

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