Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Glam Spam time: A Trio of Magic

Glam Polish is making quite a wonderful ruckus lately. How could she not?? With gorgeous mixtures, beautiful application, fab labels (if I do say so myself), and great formulas she's top notch.

Today I have the A Trio of Magic collection (you've seen Maleficent on avacado green hands already), but here's the whole collection on normal colored hands.

First up is Evanora. I have a couple of friends plotting my demise over this glittering, holo sparking, green pretty.

Two coats, no top coat, not a water shot, and direct sunlight.

This last one is indirect sunlight so you can see how glowy and gorgeous this sucker is without sun. Swoon right!

Next up is Maleficent. A deep and rich purple with holo sparkle and tons of glitter action.

These were both direct sunlight, two coats, no top coat, and all pure glittery goodness.

Somehow I skipped on an indirect sunlight photo.

This last one is Crysta. I filed my nails back down since her personality is sweet. Points didn't really seem to suit her.

This is actually the most popular of the three in my collection. It's already a third of the way gone.

The holo isn't as prominent in this one, but the circles in it steal the heart.

This set is so incredibly well thought out and executed with grace and skill. The magic is so apparent in these and they are definitely the stars of my collection right now. You know. Until her next amazing collection.

She's now shipping direct to the US! She has additional shipping options on her site. Be sure to check out Glam Polish!!!