Monday, January 13, 2014

Incoco 2014 Valentine's Day Collection: Sweet Surprise (part 1)

 *Product sent for my honest review.*

I was super pleased to find an Incoco package in my mailbox for review. I literally squee'd when I opened it up and the sweet pink and glittery strips spilled from the package. I didn't think they could top the 2013 Halloween collection but they did!

These strips are an all in one solution that go on beautifully. I start by lining the strip up with my cuticle line, smooth down the center and then out to the sides to get a good fit. I can put an entire manicure on in about fifteen minutes. To see the wear of these over a week check out my review from last year of the French Manicure set.

In part one I'm going to go ahead and cover the two glitter sets. Tomorrow part two will have the creme sets. Hold onto your hearts. You are about to fall in love.

First up is the Sweet Suprise set. A super sweet pink, with microsilver glitters and perfectly even square holographic glitters and rainbow colored bar glitters. It's a glitter dream come true!

It's just so perfect!

This next set is called double date and is a glittery wave design of silver and fuschia with hearts and bits of holographic flecks. It was my least favorite. Until I put them on.

Look at that holographic hint glittering here and there. These are super pretty!

These are available beginning January 14th through Incoco's website and at retailers that carry the brand and they retail for 8.99 a set.

Here's the entire collection so you can see that each set comes with two sheets of eight double sided strips (sixteen total strips).
 *Product sent for my honest review.*


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    1. Aren't they super fun? They have TONS of great ones too!

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    1. It's fantastic isn't it! I totally feel like I didn't even capture the full beauty of it too. It's way amazing.