Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Incoco 2014 Valentine's Day Collection: Sweet Surprise (part 2)

*Product sent for my honest review.*
Yesterday I posted the glitter sets from Incoco's Valentine's Day collection and today is the cremes. If you didn't get a chance to see the glitters be sure to check out that post.

First up is my favorite of the three cremes, Made with Love. It's a gradient spun sugar manicure. How pretty is this???

That gloss is not topcoat. That's the strips all on their own.

The second favorite of the cremes was Yours Truly. Just a sweet pink with French sayings. It doesn't get any more romantic then that.

I wish I could read French. I have a base in the romance languages so I recognize "favorite" and "love", but that's it. It's probably time to pick up a new language.

Last, but not least, is Love Spell. Another precious pink base with hearts and bows.

My issue came in that the bows were high up in the design so they didn't show on any of my fingers. Other then that this is seriously the cutest one out of the collection.

There you have the entire 2014 Incoco Valentine's Day collection available for order beginning January 14th. At 8.99 a pack and about 20 minutes of time investment you just can't get a prettier, more cost-effective, or quick Valentine's Day manicure solution.

Here's the entire collection (each set has two sets of eight strips so plenty for a manicure and some accent nails left over).
*Product sent for my honest review.*


  1. What cute designs! I really want to try some now ;)

    1. You totally should - they are super easy to use and hold up so nicely. I'm a big fan of them. My favorite nail strips hands down.