Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Essie 2014 Resort Collection

Hey all! So GREAT news - my sister doesn't have cancer!!! I am so relieved and so overjoyed. Plus she's bringing a girl into this world - a girl!!! I, of course, bought my niece nail polish already. Coordinated it with the totally adorable blue striped dress and white denim jacket outfit I got her. Bet you can't tell that I'm happy.

Anyhow while I was down in California with her for the time leading up to the test results I got to head to CosmoProf with my cousin and talked myself into the Essie 2014 Resort minis. I've always skipped the adorable cubes and I'm so glad I didn't this time.

I'm going to start with the nail art I did using ALL of the colors.

I love the look of the cloud manicure. I feel like I can really incorporate a lot of colors using this technique and the brushes on the minis makes it sooooo simple to pull off.

To start out the swatches I've got the two cooler colors from the collection, Find Me Oasis on the pointer and middle fingers and Under the Twilight on the ring finger and pinky:

Find Me an Oasis is a white toned pale blue with a formula to match. It's a little testy to work with, but the color payout is so pretty. It's not a glossy sheen finish making it a perfect early Spring tone. Two coats and no top coat.

Under the Twilight is a deep purple tendency blue with a fabulous formula that was easy to work with. Dangerous color though for cuticles so be careful not to flood. Dries with a really nice high gloss. Two coats and no top coat.

The next two are the two warmer shades, Cocktails and Coconuts on the pointer and middle fingers and Resort Fling on the ring finger and pinky.

 Cocktails and Coconuts was actually the main reason I wanted this collection. In the bottle it looks like a great taupe nude with shimmer, but that does not come through on the nail sadly. The formula is a touch tricky, but nothing a second coat doesn't fix. Definitely a creme with almost no discernible shimmer. No top coat.

Resort Fling is a peach toned jelly. Not so sheer that the nail just appears "dirty", but sheer enough to show off a little nail line. I am so in love with this one! Perfect formula that built beautifully in two coats. No top coat. 

All in all a super fabulous collection that coordinates very nicely. I'll be searching down past resort collections. Do you like the swatch/nail art combination post?


  1. What a fun cloud mani using these colors! Great collection too :)

    1. Thank you Lisa - and thanks so much for always commenting. I so notice and so appreciate it. I love all your wild and wonderful nail art.

  2. Your cloud mani is just perfection! The colors look really great together. :)

    ~ Yun

    1. Hi Yun - thanks so much. I always love hearing that from a polish queen such as yourself. <3

  3. I love this layered tehnique, I tried it too, but mine didn't loked as beautiful as yours, the color combo is perfect as always.
    Congratulations for your sister and I am happy that she is not sik. I had last year brest cancer and it was horrible, now I am cancer free and I hope that the future brings me just joy and happines!
    Wish you an amazing weekend!

    1. Oh I am so happy to see you again!!! I know you were going through stuff and I'm so happy you beat it! Um I just went and looked at your cloud manicure and it is beautiful! Check her out everyone (it's a compilation of her fave manicures from last year so scroll down a little to see it)