Saturday, February 8, 2014

Oh snow days how I loathe you

We're not quite snowed in today, but it's close. As a valley Oregonian who rarely sees snow heading out in this weather can be a little, uh, stressful? I got stuck in TWO snow drifts yesterday. Thank goodness for the sweet guys who helped me get back out who are probably still laughing their arses off at my stupidity. Then I fell on my rear when I stepped into the grocery store. I literally ended up shopping in my socks. I should probably be thankful I wore matching ones that were cute. Today I shall attempt no such feats and hope my bum stops feeling so bruised (and possibly my pride).

However the nice thing about snow though is that it is BRIGHT! It's like nature's light box really.

This is after three days of wear! My darling friend over at Constantly Redone picked up this vampy purple toned burgundy by Sinful Colors called Black Cherry and decided it just wasn't for her. It's the base on the nails and I topped it off with China Glaze Travel in Colour. While there is top coat on the China Glaze topped nails there isn't on the Sinful Colors ones. LOVE! The formula is pretty finicky, but two coats built beautifully and left a wonderful matte finish behind. Also just look at that slight duochrome on the China Glaze!!! *SWOON*

Somehow this manicure just felt perfect the last few days while I watched the snow pile up and my sanity slink away.


  1. It's lovely on you...and I suppose great for lighting. I'd really be enjoying all this (now 9 inches at the Ranch) snow, if I could curl up with a book and hot drink, but instead there is screaming and fighting and not enough space for!

  2. I feel your pain, although my lane is completely iced over so I haven't been able to get out of my house for a week. Talk about losing sanity! I have been going out and photographing my swatch pics outside though. Trying to find that silver lining in the crappy, snowy cloud. Beautiful mani! I love Black Cherry, so perfectly named!

  3. Very pretty manicure! Its not snowy where I live but its very cold and windy. I hope the snow eases up for you soon!

  4. I love the glass fleck and duo chrome... reminds me a bit of color club alias :) I'm in Vancouver Canada and it's freezing here! Weirdly though we don't have any snow even on the ski hills... we somehow didn't get any precipitation this fall/winter... we usually get tons on rain

  5. What a fun and unexpected duo... I just love the way you see color ♥ I'm SO OVER THIS SNOW and I loved our fb update about the Ice Queen losing her power. Even so, I'm stuck in my driveway, home from work, and not making $. Boo.