Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Born Pretty Plates vs. MASH Plates

Let the war begin! So if you are new to stamping there is the deluxe, prim o plates otherwise known as Konad. Spendy but a starter kit from them is very much the way to go. From here plate picking gets hazy but here's a list of the ones I know
  • Born Pretty
  • MASH
  • Bundle Monster
  • FASH
  • SHANY 
I have not tried the last two because all I have ever seen is terrible reviews of both. However I do own some of each of the others and since there seems to be no reviews on Born Pretty's site for their nail plates other then the Hello Kitty plate (which I have and I do love it) here we go:

Be sure to click each picture to see much larger images but wow - check out that difference! So I didn't stamp from this plate (since the mani I'm doing right now is a different theme) but I stamped them on the paper. In particular the one I bought the plate for. It's a bit sad:

The one next to my thumb is Born Pretty and the other is MASH. Isn't the difference shocking? The Born Pretty one barely covers my middle finger! Why do I have dupes? These cheaper plates are sold from knock-off sites. MASH is a set of 25 for 16.99 and free shipping on amazon and the Born Pretty plate was on sale so it was 1.55 and free shipping. My advice? Don't bother with Born Pretty. There's a reason there's no reviews on there. More plate reviews to come!!

P.S. Plate won't stamp at all? Have you tried removing the sticker? *giggles*


  1. Did you have any other MASH vs Born Pretty plates comparisons, I would love to see some more. I have bundle monster, MASH, and one Konad M66 plate. I'm trying to decide between Konad's M65 plate or BP M65 for the entire nail image of roses. If the quality isn't up to what at least a MASH plate would be, I think I would prefer to just get the Konad. Do you have any other full nail plates, what is your opinion of them? thanks, Amy

  2. I know I have one more and it is a full plate comparison - I'll post it up tomorrow for sure! Or tonight if the kids give me a second to post that is ;)

  3. Thanks so much. I understand :-), just put my 9 year and 2 year old to bed a short while ago.

  4. Yes I will be posting it tomorrow because, well, the comparison did not stamp well with a screaming two year-old throwing himself at me hysterically....shockingly enough :D

  5. Wow, I totally hear ya on that one!!! Thanks again.