Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Minicure Mondays

I'm vaguely aware it's Tuesday though - vaguely because I'm sick and I had to work most of yesterday putting of Monday's manicure (and the mini as well) to Tuesday. Sad but life goes on and, really, what day isn't a good one for nail polish?

First up is my adorable 5 year-old's nails. She got some nail polishes for her birthday and lately she's really into "patterns" (she watched a Leapfrog episode about patterns). So she picked some scented Strawberry Shortcake nail polishes (no names - just bright, fruity colors).

They are tiny bottles and smell super yummy when they dry. Very pigmented though the brushes are lacking at best. Still they are creams with a tiny spattering of glitter in them. Get about a day or two of life out of them or 3-4 if I top her nails with Seche Vite. 
Mommy went with a Wet N' Wild called Wild Card (it's a super frosty purple, but not matte). SHEER! Took three coats to achieve near opaque and a fourth coat was probably needed but, as I mentioned, I'm a 2 coat kind of woman. 
Frosty with a mauve base. Not thrilled with how it paints on and getting that third coat on without it pulling too much was definitely some work. Very pretty color though. Next I stamped using m36 (note the lower case m - this means it's a MASH plate and not Konad). I discovered that Zoya Trixie stamps nicely and thus:

Trixie is the dreamiest silver ever. So metallic and foil - yum! I'll swatch her soon just to show you her full glory! Be sure to join Constantly Redone and I next week for Minicure Monday!


  1. The stamping with Trixie look great!
    And your sweetie's nails are so cute!

  2. Thanks soooo much! My first time with Trixie was a disaster, but when I gave her another chance at stamping it turned out amazing!