Friday, June 3, 2011

Fab Friends Friday

So here's my Fridays: I get up and rush, rush, rush to get kids ready for school and out the door. I score a quick shower while they eat and clean up with a bath towel in my hair, my bathrobe on and pants I managed to throw on before the dirty diaper smell hits me. Is it worth it? OH YEAH! Because at 10:30 my girlfriends start arriving for our weekly Bible study/playdate/nail painting party! My sister blog Constantly Redone is run by one of these girlfriends and when our stashes combine it is nail nirvana. Check out the pictures to see the array of personalities that come to play every week:

Mine are the cupcakes (I'll be blogging the story behind that soon!). Constantly Undone is the orange ones (Zoya Jancyn stamped with Zoya Kimmy and the darker color is Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Crush), next to her is our friend Mary's nails sporting Zoya Breezi stamped with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White Out (it stamps soooo nicely!), I'll explain mine in my next post. Next to mine is Sheree wearing Sally Hansen's HD Resolution topped with Zoya Apple and next to her is Melissa with the Zoya French Twist Promo of Dove stamped with Caitlyn. Such a great time with a great bunch of gals!!

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