Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jancyn rides the wild side with Fault Line

So I was in Sally's yesterday to get dye (honestly that's what I was there for) but I could hear the nail polish calling to me from the next aisle over so I went. Can you believe that until yesterday I owned no China Glaze? It's true! Lo and behold a China Glaze in this amazing purple that shines and it's a crackle?! You can understand that I HAD to have it right?
Before I get ahead of myself here let's talk about Zoya Jancyn. This sweet girl is a summery orange (and orange is so in right now) that my hubby picked out for me. Took three thin coats to achieve full opaquness though you could probably safely stop at two. The one thing I have noticed with Zoya is that many of them bubble. Not a big deal with texture, but frustrating sometime when trying to achieve that perfect surface.
See what I mean? Not a big deal in this case, and not something I usually have happen with their creams. Anyhow onto the icing! Or texture if you will. China Glaze Crackle in Fault Line. The sheen does not disappear as this cracks at all! It's vibrant and joltingly purple. It dries SUPER fast so get that coat on fast for optimal results:

Can we say hello summer??? 


  1. Yeah, Hello summer!

    you're right, orange polishes are trendsy this summer! Since then I haven't experiences bubbles issues with Zoya...

  2. Yeah I'm not sure what that's all about but I'm going to do some research cause I've seen a few others mention it on their blogs or on Zoya's site. Has to be a reason....