Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello Harlow and Valerie - Mommy's fast manicure solution

So, as a mommy, sometimes what we need is a fast manicure. Something that doesn't take two sessions to get great results. The newest rage in the nail polish world isn't color but texture, which, for some reason, seems to have a formula that makes them dry super fast. I'm talking faster then insta-dry. The base coat I use dries within five minutes, matte dries in about five, tip with a regular polish (this will take about 10) and seal the tip with seche and we're talking, maybe, 20 minutes for a fantastic manicure. Picking high quality polish for this is optimal since it will last longer. Here you go:
Meet Harlow (the frosty bottle) and Valerie. Harlow is a dream matte! A gorgeous purple with silver glitter mixed in for a sparkly matte finish (can we say heart flutter?). Valerie, in the bottle, looks purple with a goldish-glittery tinge to her. On tips that doesn't show so I'll have to swatch her sometime to see if we can really make her shine.
I just hand paint the tips. I did have a french tips plate but it was from Born Pretty (see post on that fiasco here). One way I've read about to get nice, perfect lines is to use the price circle stickers and cut them in half. I'll have to give it try here soon and post the results. For now I'm comfortable enough doing it myself.


  1. OMG, Harlow is so pretty! I reminds me of OPI We'll Always Have Paris Suede! I just wore it last week. I took some pictures, too. I'll upload them on my blog soon.

    Harlow doesn't seem to be a "true" matte, she seems more sparkly and I like that!

  2. Ooooh I can't wait to see! Yeah agree on Harlow - she really is kind of a mix of a glitter and matte (which is a pain to clean up but a joy to wear).