Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stamp it out: Electric Pineapple

So I tried out that nervous color Electric Pineapple by China Glaze (see Enabler Haul the Third). Gotta say it's actually a rather nice color and will probably be a favorite in fall. More yellow then green (which is a difficult color to wear for me) it took three, thin coats to get a nice application:

So I went ahead and topped some of my fingers with Sally Hansen Crackle in Vintage Violet - pretty yummy right? But I wanted to stamp a bit so I thought I'd see how four different brands in creams stamped out. The contenders:
EDIT: I am posting the colors above the pictures they are shown stamped in from top to bottom. Thanks KB for helping me out and letting me know - that was sure confusing!
1. NYC Black Lace Creme: this black has a serious brown (instead of blue) base to it and faired pretty well. Didn't do fabulous, but I'll try it again.
2. Zoya Marley: Fantastic pastel purple but boy she just did not want to pick up. In the end she barely stamped and barely showed up. I'll give her another chance but she failed big time this round.
3. Sinful Colors Nirvana: This was the WINNER and this combination will probably a fall fave. The colors look so nice together and this polish stamps out beautifully and easily.
4. Wet N' Wild Bird Bath: This nail polish stole my heart with it's incredible gorgeous robin's egg blue, but that's where it stopped. Pretty much a fail in all ways it failed here too. Will try stamping it one more time, but I think this nail polish will have to leave my sad.
The plate used is from Bundle Monster (their first collection that doesn't cover the nail very well) - bm21.


  1. Which colors are what on each hand?

  2. Oops - sorry about that - I listed the colors in the order they are stamped from top to bottom. So hand one: NYC Black Lace Creme and then Zoya Marley and hand two: Sinful Colors Nirvana and then Wet N' Wild Bird Bath.