Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brash - new Payless Shoestore brand

I watch my friend's kiddos and she, often, shows up with new nail goodies for me to try out. It's a happy arrangement. Introducing the Payless Shoestore nail polish: Brash.

Front and back of the bottle and, obviously, the accent finger is sporting this new color called Sparkling Bricks. Deep burgundy with gold micro glitter flecks. Not overly original but oh so gorgeous! They have several other colors and BOGO1/2off right now so I may be heading back to pick up a few other pretties. Brush is nice - not too stiff and doesn't seem to shed. Wonderful fall color. Pictures is 2 coats with a tip of Zoya Reva.

The other nails are adorned with Zoya Cynthia - another polish she passed on since she was one of the Smoke and Mirrors winners (seriously how lucky is that?!). But it's like I win too so I'm not complaining *winks* 2 coats and tipped with Zoya Kotori.


  1. It's hot on you. Lemme know if you hit up PL, I'll join you!

    Addictions are more fun with friends.

  2. *Points above* You'll never guess who the friend is people. Check out Constantly Redone's blog for more nail goodness ;)

  3. LOVE the funky french! Our Payless doesn't get these... *sadface*

  4. Oh that's so sad - if I post a color you want I'm sure we can do a swap though!