Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Manicure

So this did not turn out how I was hoping. I need to find a good black stamping polish :(

Base should be familiar - it's the Color Club Nouveau Vintage. I don't own any dotting tools (rumor has it my birthday will be changing that!!!) So the moons are uneven :(. My tips are cool - that's French Tip Dip Kit available here. Use coupon code boo for 30% off after you register. I'll be doing a whole post on this amazing little kit soon!
I like how the thumb turned out though.
 This is Rebel Spirit - so dark that it's nearly black with two coats which is somewhat of a shame. On the tips it great though!
In closing Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Oh thanks so much! I saw so many amazing Halloween manicures and felt a little sad my black didn't stamp as dark as I wanted so thanks for this <3

  2. very cute! Wet n Wild Black Creme is the best black stamping polish. Best part it's only. 99

  3. I Like how clean and adorable you paint your nails. :)

  4. It is but it doesn't seem to stamp over darker colors as nice :( Thanks so much! I really try to keep my nails neat so thanks for noticing ;)