Sunday, November 6, 2011

Upload Winner: Julep Drew and Julep cuticle oil

So Julep did a Maven contest about 2 weeks ago where the first 10 people to upload their Maven story videos won a Julep color of choice and a cuticle oil. Mine sucks, but I didn't have time to change, plan or do anything except click that button as fast as I could. So no judging if you come across it ;) Oh the levels we will stoop to for nail polish. At any rate I won and let my hubby pick out my color....and he picked pink.....oh joy. EXCEPT it turned out to be a really awesome color!!
Julep has never failed me on the formula. Silky-smooth and gorgeous application this nail polish is opaque with one coat. I do two out of habit. Also that is Drew stamped over Wet N' Wild Blue Wants to be a Billionaire. Stamped wonderfully!
This is what I won - I really like the cuticle oil. It has a roller ball top and smells like a mixture of lavender and lemongrass. It's applies nicely and really moisturizes my cuticles. At 18.00 it's a bit spendy but I actually might buy it since I use it way more then my balm now.

In closing this haul is AMAZING and my kids are driving me crazy. It probably has to do with the very little sleep I got last night. Or the fact that my son knows his birthday is tomorrow and won't stop reminding me about it (would it be wrong to give him nail polish?). Or the fact that the toddler is a toddler. Or all over the above....I need coffee.....

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