Monday, October 24, 2011

My first (SUCCESSFUL) water marbling experience + BM fimo sticks review

Whew - it has been an AMAZING weekend. Went to my first ever women's retreat and it was much different then I thought it would be in such an incredible way.

Anyhow - I know, I know - on to the part about my doing a nail care and art workshop. Before anyone goes ballistic I informed the people signed up that I am not a licensed nail tech. That out of the way I was able to get to the good stuff. As you may remember I tried water marbling once - it was somewhat of a disaster. Turns out the trick is filtered water (finally saw a tutorial that said this). So equipped with a jug (seriously CHEAP), my orange stick, and Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, Essie Sexy Divide, Orly Rock Solid, and a base color of Sally Hansen Emerald Express I got:

It came out so gorgeous! I just love how Rock Solid came out sheer with sparkles to let the base color shine through. Epic!
This is the other hand (the one I never really show). Isn't amazing how all the nails turn out so different? Seriously - filtered water is the key!

Onto the Bundle Monster fimo cane sticks. You can see the flower decorations on my accent fingers. They came in the package that Bundle Monster sent me to share at my workshop (one of the gals was nice enough to let me have two slices from one of her sticks to show here).

Basically they are like more detailed rhinestones - it's a whole stick of design and you use an exacto knife (or box cutter if you're like me) to slice off a thin piece and then glue it (using nail glue - not included) to the finished nail. No top coat over.
I believe this is package B - There's 4 different package types with a variety of designs in a about 3 in. sticks (that equates to a TON of manicure bling).

Just so you know if you do not like rhinestones you will not like these. They are 3D nail art. I've had mine on for a day now and I never snag them and they don't appear affected by water or anything.

All in all I'm super happy I got to try these cause I had no plans to buy them. I do plan to get them now along with rhinestones and dotting tools. Enter "Thank You" in your checkout to receive 15% off your next order!

*The product specified was sent to me by a company to share and review. My review is not enhanced by their offer.*


  1. Wow! This really turned out amazing. I love this look. Can't wait to try my own. Thx for the tips!

  2. Your welcome sis ;) When you do it I wanna see a picture!

  3. That looks awesomesauce! I suck at water marbling! The fimos are so cute, but I am afraid to use them, my nail beds are tiny :-/

  4. I'm telling you - the key is really filtered water! The fimos are super fun - on a shorter nail it'd simply be the nail art! Or you could cut one in half and put it against the side of the nail bed.