Monday, April 16, 2012

Hubby's Picks (4): Fruit Salad with Celebrities

Me and my wonky titles! First and foremost I apologize for not posting this on Saturday. I had the mani done on Friday but had a back injury that had me immobile for the entire weekend! What did I do? No clue! Just pain built up on Thursday and by Saturday I couldn't even move. BUT I am back out of bed and moving again! Thankfully cause I was about to loose it. So here it is:
Yeah my first try turned out...clunky and odd. Especially since I was all excited when I finally figured out how to put OPI Love is a Racket with Julep Zoe by sponging:
It looked so blingy and glammy and with the choices he picked (OPI Love is a Racket which is a Serena Williams line polish, Julep Oscar from the Oscars collection, Julep Selena which reminds of Selena Gomez, and Julep Zoe....don't have one for that). Celebrity made sense! But he had the nail art to pick out of so with the fruits added you get my title :)
Thumb looks even more funky - I was going for a vine look. So I tried again on the other hand and it was a winner!!!
Much better!
Strawberries and bananas anyone? Until next time!


  1. Your second try is super cute. I totally love this series. :) So glad you're feeling better.

  2. Yeah this wasn't my best Hubby's Picks ever, but I do adore the gradient. Gosh the most I look at that first attempt the more I dislike it *shudders*