Monday, April 16, 2012

A wedding post

No, not my wedding. Happily married to the most amazing man ;) But, as I explained in my last post, a back injury had me in bed all weekend. Which means I missed one of the most amazing gals I know's wedding. I'm still in tears over this. She's one of the most wonderful women I know and her wedding was such a triumph. She waited and kept herself for THE right man...watching as her younger brother and sister both got married. Seeing her go through this broke my heart for her and I prayed for the day an incredible man would sweep her off her feet! Her beauty and kindness is such a rare treat and I know her new husband is the man - the prince - she was waiting for. I love you so much Tawny!!!
This is the manicure I did in honor of her most glorious day:
I tried to capture the colors from the invite we received. I always see her in sweet shades of blue with splashes of pink and glitter with hues of gold. If Tawny were colors that's what she'd be <3

Many wishes of happiness, beauty, love, and years of cherished fulfillment lay ahead of you doll.


  1. This is such a gorgeous manicure!!! So pretty and sparkly. I'm so sorry you injured your back and missed the wedding. I hope you're recovering okay.

  2. It's a shame that you missed the wedding but I am sure this post will cheer your friend up. It's obvious that you cherish her as a friend and I'm sure she knows that you would have been there with bells on had it not been for your injury.
    I hope you heal quickly!
    The manicure is so gorgeous. Essence glitters are so pretty.

  3. this is really pretty!!! gotta try that!! the colors are great!

  4. Thanks everyone - back is still hurting but I can finally move around a bit. Pictures are starting to filter into Facebook and it looks like her day was perfect <3