Monday, May 21, 2012

Some more peekaboo glitter: HB(8)

Emma Thea over at Manicurity coined my last hubby's pick as peekaboo glitter and I like it! So I've got another peekaboo glitter manicure to share:
I chopped my nails back down - they grow sooooo fast now! From base up we have Megan Miller Latte (I buy any polish with a coffee themed name. We all have our quirks), Claire's Bedazzled, Sinful Colors Oh La La, and then Essie Navigate Her.

I have an extreme love of dots!
This weekend I realized some things. I love blogging and being involved in the nail polish world so I just don't want to give it up. I spent some quality time with baby girl and have been spending MUCH less time at the computer. She and I have matching toes which I LOVE. I am feeling much more calm and at peace. Thank you all <3

PS more fuzz!!! The bane of my manicured existence >.<


  1. I love it! I love the use of the colours and the design itself is really pretty.

  2. Aaaand, once again you have blown my mind with your use of color. What was that term you said I should look up? Was it color theory?

    It's amazing what stepping away from the computer does for you! Yay you, for your epiphanies. I bet your matching toesies are adorable. :)

  3. I am happy that you feel much better and that you will continue posting. I would have missed your gorgeous nail art and fuzzy nails :)

  4. You are all so sweet - hubby told me last night he's really glad I reconsidered. He loves my creations and feels like this blog has come to be a highlight of conversations.

    Yes Liesl - color theory. It's an amazing world! Check out for some fantastic palette ideas!

  5. wow wow wow wow wow - absolutely love this. Love the pattern, the combo and the colour choices are perfect xx