Saturday, May 19, 2012

Indie feature: Sassy Lacquer Exotic Energy Trio

This set is totally amazing! Forget the neons this summer. What you really need is color shifters like the Exotic Energy Trio from Sassy Lacquer

From top to bottom we have Chameleon Charge (a green to gold color shifter), Pegasus Plasma (a red to green color shifter), and Electric Eel (a blue to green color shifter). This is one coat of each over a coat of black. Alone in the bottle they are pretty unimpressive (until they hit sunlight and then WHAM).

 This is two coats of Chameleon Charge:

 The pinky is two coats of Pegasus Plasma: (you can see the gold shift on the middle finger in this shot)
And this is two coats of Electric Eel:
 Then, just to see what would happen, I layered them all. WHOAH AMAZING!!

 Shrinkage was a result of not wrapping my nails when I used my Out The Door topcoat :(

For more information on ordering these gorgeous polishes head over to Sassy Lacquer!

Also here's is this week's hubby's picks:

We have Megan Miller Latter, Essie Navigate Her, Sinful Colors Oh La La, and Claire's Bedazzled. Wish me the best ;)


  1. Yay!! I'm so glad you're keeping at it. I hope you're already feeling better about things. Those Sassies are amazing and they look absolutely rockin' together.

  2. I hope you are better! I love this post, the colors are just amazing. I can not wait for your next mani!

  3. You are all so amazing! I finally figured out what the real issue is - I'll be doing a post later about it. For now you NEED these colors - also she has a teacher's set up too that are AMAZING!!!