Friday, March 15, 2013

DOSE nail polish reviewed!

First and foremost I wasn't sent this for review. Oh no instead it was a bribe...a bribe I took. A friend needed help with her computer and I accepted the bribe. How low I have fallen...but at least I'm fallen with polish!

So here is DOSE nail polish:
First off how cool is this packaging?! Comes in this "pill bottle":
The top pops off and out comes three "pills" - a dose of fresh color! Seriously this is the coolest idea. This trio is called Bright Future. Each bottle set contains 3 x 3ml polishes (so they are minis - for an idea of size watch my video review). They are super high quality so don't let the size fool you.
Each finger is a two coat swatch with no top coat. They are super bright, very easy to work with, and the brush is awesome. However these sets tip the scale at a whopping 20.00 price tag (0.0) Yikes! BUT they'd make a super fun and quirky gift.

My favorite of the three is, oddly enough, the yellow. It's this syrup/jelly that is just so super fun. It's the color and opacity of egg yolks.

At any rate here's this week's Hubby's Picks. Silly man really feels he stumped me. Jokes on him!
OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook, Wet N' Wild Burgundy Frost, Essence It's Peach Not Cherry, and Konad stamping polish in red.


  1. That is awesome packaging!!

    1. Despite the price tag I am seriously considering get another set or two! I can not believe it but I really am - they are such a happy little set. *shakes head* Truly an addict AND package adorer.

  2. so cute - and don't feel bad, i have been bribed by friends many a time to do something for polish!

    1. I'm very glad to know I'm not alone in the dark world of polish bribery. It works darn near every time too! All the pretties... <3

  3. Replies
    1. It truly is so fun! I have them right out in the front of my polish cupboard so that whenever I open it I see them and it just makes me smile so big. :)

  4. Roflololol. THANK YOU for being upfront and honest first thing about the origins of this polish. You have effectively eliminated the possibility of me having any misconception or preconceived notion about how you truly feel about these polishes, and for that, I thank you. Score one for the FTC!
    Yes, these are completely adorable, little polishes that look like pills :D So clever! I should get some and give them out at work. The yellow is great-- it's actually the first yellow jelly I've seen that doesn't look icky without a white base. And black... I think you know how I feel about black polishes ♥
    Last but not least, nice to see CFMC in the HP mix :D I can't wait to see!

    1. Totally busted up laughing at this! I really wouldn't want to bring the FTC down on me and my poor little blog so it was necessary. *nods convincingly*
      Also I freaking adore that idea - seriously how cool would it be to get one of these bright, little "pills" on a rough day?? LOVE IT!
      The yellow is worth it alone in my opinion and the black just seals the deal.
      Have I mentioned how freaking cool you are? You always make me smile. :)