Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Let's play catch up! St. Patty's Day manicure

Hey all! So my cousin is in town and I haven't seen her in YEARS! We've had so much fun!! I actually got to go into a Cosmoprof store (she's a licensed beautician). So.much.fun.

So I'm sure you'll understand why I'm playing catch up. I REALLY should just learn to schedule posts. Ah well that's in the past. I had to share this manicure because it's just so gorgeous.
The rainbow gradient came out so perfectly and I just love it as an accent nail. I nearly continued wearing this because I voted for Jackson on The Biggest Loser finale but I desperately needed to get caught up on Hubby's Picks too (coming tomorrow).
That's super sparkly and vibrant green is an unnamed that Glam Polish sent me!!! It's seriously just one of the most amazing ones she has sent me. Rumor has it she's working on more colored bases....but I digress!
The shamrocks are Zoya Gilda and I love the accents mixed with the totally amazing bow ring I scored at Forever 21. Seriously I just got it like two weeks ago (so they probably have more!!) and it's so gorgeous! It NEEDED to be in these pictures.

Anyhow I hope everyone had a super fun and super safe St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Awesome mani, the rainbow is the icing on the cake!!! :-)

    1. Thanks so much! I am seriously so in love with gradients. Pain in the butt to do but the look is well worth it.

  2. Beautiful St. Paddy's mani! I love the rainbow you added!
    And that bow ring is just super cute! :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. Thanks so much! I find myself going out of my way to pick out outfits I can wear just so I can wear that ring *blush*.