Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rainbow Honey March Mystery Bag Review

I am definitely aware it's April, but I never did review this bag and it might help one of you out there on the fence about signing up for the Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag subscription. Oh you haven't heard? This is now a monthly subscription bag! I'm totally signed up for the mini, which is 10.00+shipping. After signing up I was given a subscription control link where I can change or cancel my subscription myself (take note Julep). There's also a full-size program for 25.00 and free shipping. I don't know if they will be identical bagss (I doubt it based on price), BUT there you have it.

So, starting with May, you can get signed up for the monthly subscription bag. You can purchase April's bag here though. Mine is on its way and I can hardly WAIT for it to get here. I ordered a full size of the Sakura Matsuri perfume as well (I got the sample in the February bag and just fell totally in love).

Onto the bag! Well, tissue wrapped package anyways. How cute is that sticker?!

WELL worth the ten bucks! Two mini polishes in The Soirée and All My Stars, a cuticle oil in scent Nail Honey, a mini rollerball of the perfume scent Lavandula, and a foil packet of the Nail Honey hand cream.

First up The Soirée:

The top image is two coats on it's own. This polish is just gorgeous with deep blue and turquoise hex glitters in various sizes and iridescent glitters in various sizes. It practically glows! The second is over Essie Find Me an Oasis.

Next is All My Stars:

I wasn't as big of a fan of this one, but that's primarily because shape glitter isn't precisely my thing. However I LOVE the delicate pink/purple irridescent shimmer base that the pastel stars and hexes are swimming in. I couldn't get any of the yellow stars out. There wasn't many in the bottle itself. This is one coat over Essie Armed and Ready. I did larger shots so you could see the delicate shimmer.

The Rainbow Honey Nail Honey hand cream was a bit thinner then I expect a hand cream to be. I would say it's more of a cupcake scent then honey as well. Higher notes of vanilla whereas I expect honey to have a richer scent, but it smells delicious! It's pretty oily though so it's more of an overnight deep moisturizing hand cream then an everyday cream to stick in your purse.

The Rainbow Honey Nail Honey cuticle oil has the same scent. It's a great oil, but I'm already in love with the RH cuticle sticks so I probably won't be switching over. I will keep it next to my bed as I tend to use oils overnight to moisturize my cuticles.

The last item is the Rainbow Honey Lavandula mini rollerball perfume. Definitely a lavender scent with some other subtle floral hints. This was just not my thing at all, BUT I handed it off to my mom who fell in love with it.

Total value:
The Soirée: 5.00
All My Stars: 5.00
Nail Honey cuticle oil: ? but the sticks are 3.50
Lavandula sample: 1.50
Nail Honey hand cream sample: ?

Total: At least 15.00

REALLY hoping The Soirée becomes a regular line polish (it says on the card it's an experimental shade). All My Stars is up for purchase to celebrate Rainbow Honey's birthday. Lavandula is also available for purchase along with several other scents priced at 12.50 each.

So what are your thoughts on the Rainbow Honey Mystery bags so far? To see February's click here.


  1. What a cute bag and subscription! So cool to see that indie brands are branching out into this subscription thing too.

    1. It's super fun and I feel it's going to be a flood gate. I've seen other brands playing with the idea so we'll see what other goodies lie in store for us polish lovers <3

  2. I love these kind of surprise boxes or bag's and the products you received are fantastic!

    1. They really are! It's super fun - thanks for stopping by <3