Saturday, December 8, 2012

Stamping illusions and bonus Nerdlacquer pictures

So I've been super into my bottle of Orly Winter Wonderland lately which is funny because I bought it last winter season and never used it till hubby picked it for a hubby's picks this last summer. Basically it's silvery white foil shards in a clear base but so packed one coat evenly applies the shards so no clear base really shows. It's a GREAT wintery addition to nail art (it's fairly sheer even up to three coats). BUT with some stamping it can easily be worn on it's own (no undies) on nubbins. And a rhinestone just because I can.
The stamping helps mask the sheer element brought in by the polish itself. There's still noticeable nail line but it doesn't feel like it interrupts the manicure anymore with the stamping there.
This was a super fun manicure to rock and pretty easy to pull off too. I bought cheap rhinestones on Ebay and I do recommend buying slightly better quality even it means it costs a little more. A lot of these ones have little plastic edges that I have to clip off before applying.

Now for the Nerdlacquer. Why not a separate post? Couple of reasons: One I personally hate reading post after post of polishes I can never have. It's frustrating as a collector to find something you fall in love with but can never have. Two I've read lots in various forums that readers feel the same. BUT a friend of mine got a decant of Nerdlacquer All of Time and Space and let me use it! I used Sally Hansen Green Tea under so as not to use too much. I just want to be able to look back as this beauty and know I finally got to wear one of her amazing polishes.

There you go! Two fabulous manicures and I can now cross off wear a Nerdlacquer from my bucket list. ;) Until next time!


  1. I know what you mean about all the indie swatches. It seems like lately there are just SO many out there, it is almost all I am seeing on blogs. They are all so pretty, but like you say, I will probably never own 90% of them.

    But, I do love what you did with the stamping and the rhinestone. Very pretty!!

    1. Thanks so much! I do want to support indies but I'm trying to refocus to having them be the smaller portion of what's seen on my blog. Thanks so much for the feedback - it's super helpful to hear directly from readers.

  2. Replies
    1. I nearly died when she brought it over - she is SOOO generous. But then she knows she can use Clairvoyant at any time. ;)